Angel Wing Plant

By | April 1, 2022

Angel Wing Plant. The angel wing begonia is a tropical plant that enjoys humidity. The vividness of blooms will be influenced by the amount of light the plant has access to.

Senecio candicans 'Angel Wings' Pretty plants, Plants
Senecio candicans 'Angel Wings' Pretty plants, Plants from

Forming a nest of wavy, velvety, shiny silver leaves, the stunner senecio candicans angel wings® turns heads from a distance in a pot or featured at the front of the border. Propagation from cutting is the easiest way to multiply this plant. It copes well with salt laden winds making it useful for coastal locations.

Although The Focus Is On Their Foliage, They Also Can Have Attractive Blooms Given The Correct Growing Conditions.

The angel wing begonia is a tropical plant that enjoys humidity. It is a perennial in zone 8 and above but will need to be overwintered inside in cooler climates. Angel wing plants, also known as caladiums, are tropical perennials that are usually grown as houseplants.

They’re A Type Of Cane Begonia, Which Are Characterized By Sturdy Stems With Prominent Joints, Out Of Which Leaves And Flowers Grow.

Angel wings ‘senaw’ originates from the patagonian region of chile in south america, close to the coast. It belongs to the family of begoniaceae. It is a wonderful variety for containers and grows to be ten to twelve inches tall.

Angel Wing Begonia Is An Exotic Plant That Can Be Kept Indoors As Well.

Place your angel wing plant in bright but indirect sunlight. If you notice your plant is starting to lose its leaves, you should check the soil for signs of root rot. Angel wings are easy to care for and grow indoors in any climate.

Flowers Are Small, Yellow, And Appear In Flat Terminal Clusters In Summer.

It is drought tolerant once established and is happy growing outside or indoors as a house plant. It grows up to 16 inches (40 cm) tall. Large, dark green leaves shaped like “angel wings” are speckled with silver and are red underneath.

Angel Wing Begonia Plant Care Guide.

The easiest way to meet its humidity needs is to place it on top of a pebble tray half filled with water. Angel wing begonia plants grow best in locations with bright indirect light. Though the common name angel’s wing begonia is used for many begonia species, begonia coccinea is a gorgeous flowering species whose leaves look ready to take flight.

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